Recommendations for the User

Obviously it is better to get acquainted with the system using the provided examples. Go to any of sist_1, sist_2, sist_3 folders within the FREE subfolder and run genoptim.exe, it is the slowest version (FREE). Then run several EXE-files in the EXE-RASTRIGIN folder. Look thoroughly and a lot will become clear. Then read the documents and proceed with solving your problem (the system is set up for MIINIMIZATION).

Decide which system version is the most suitable for you:

  1. either use Compaq Visual Fortran for Fortran programming (C++ is also supported), then follow readme file in the CVF folder;
  2. or use another programming system, then follow readme file in the FREE folder.

A set of test problems and Fortran programs is provided (download FORT_programm.rar, TEST.rar, TEST_exe.rar TEST_exe.rar). Usу them as tutorials and for evaluating the system’s features.

The TEST_exe.rar archive contains the EXE-files that show the algorithm’s quality with the tests provided in TEST.rar.

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